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Great lds dating ideas

Discuss what kinds of activities would best help people in each age group to accomplish their reasons for dating.Point out that it has been said that you marry those you date.

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Because it serves as a great self-assessment for you as to your individual worthiness and commitment.(Be aware of the circumstances of those attending the event, and adjust this statement accordingly.For example, in order to develop an attitude of sacrifice which allows you to be more concerned for another’s happiness than for your own, perhaps you could try to put certain needs of the family or friend before your own. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I don’t know any other way to say it.This will help you to better understand the kind of sacrifice that is necessary in an eternal marriage. It seems to me that the Lord has said in about as many ways as it can be said that there is only one way–His way.Thou shalt not participate in kissing and hugging sessions.8.Thou shalt arrive home on time and not keep late hours.9.* What could you do before marriage to develop these characteristics?

Suggest to your youth that each person choose a specific characteristic to work on.

Think about and list some of the personal characteristics a person should bring to marriage, such as unconditional love, unselfishness, willingness to work, ability to take responsibility and be dependable, willingness to sacrifice.

Discuss each of these characteristics and some reasons why they are necessary to a happy marriage.

Ideas for Lessons Encourage the youth to write down everything discussed in this area of their folders * What happens to the surface of a still pond when you cast a pebble into it? Discuss how obtaining the blessings of eternal marriage is similar in principle to obtaining anything worthwhile. Emphasize that eternal marriage is far more precious and worth working for than almost anything else we do in life. It is a matter of following a certain program to reach a definite goal.

(It ripples.) Point out to the youth that many of the decisions they make in their lives will have an effect similar to the effect of the pebble on the water. * How will it affect your life now and in the future? Discuss the meaning of the statement, “Temple marriages make better marriages.” Encourage the youth to write down everything discussed in this area of their folders To help the youth understand that they must obey the specified law before they can receive any blessing, point out an important accomplishment of the youth such as graduation from school or college, a special award in Scouting, or ability to play a musical instrument. Read the following statement of President Spencer W. If you fail in following a program, you fail in attaining the goal.

Thou shalt discuss thy dating activities with your parents.10. .” 3 Nephi Encourage the youth to write down everything discussed in this area of their folders Explain that being married in the temple does not guarantee that a couple will have a happy life together.