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Graph search and dating

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With a personalized way to find exactly who you want to, some media outlets have heralded Facebook Graph Search as a potential contender in online dating services.

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They might have been in my "network", shared a vague interest, but one thing Facebook didn't work out was picking between the language of someone "from" a city versus "lives in" a city.Being quirky and vague in Graph Search serves up just what you would expect.If you're looking for someone to date, specificity and detail is the way to go.There were 1.1 billion people to choose from, but the filters couldn't lead me to a date.If you speak US English, you now have even more access to a one-billion-person-wide dating market—ostensibly.The majority of people don’t sign up for Facebook to date; they sign up to connect with people they already know and like.

I asked Scott if Graph Search can cast a huge net because people have unwittingly been “opted-in” to Graph Search by staying a member.

Vague job listings don't make a person, and as I discovered, might be the least compelling Graph Search criteria. With a shocking over 1,000 results, the random "city and rainbows and things people I like like" search isn't the most discerning thing you could type into Graph Search.

I just wanted to test the elasticity of the search engine. Experimenters like Tom Scott prove it could get weird while still retaining a large result.

He replied, “Facebook isn't perceived as a dating site: no-one's "opted in" to dating, so those notes would surely just be seen as creepy messages from strangers. ” As of now, there’s still that very real implication that runs through a person’s head when receiving unsolicited messages and friend requests: “Hey, I don’t know you,” “I didn’t invite this,” and “You might be a spammer.” It’s best not to knock something before you try it, so I decided to set up my own science experiment.

If I could cherry-pick who I met on Facebook, not through their names, but through their interests and experiences, would I find people who I’d be attracted to?

On Monday, Facebook opened up Graph Search to many more users and with new probing filters to search for people you might not even know, people are asking: Is this Facebook’s maiden voyage towards becoming a dating networking site?