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Good introductory email dating

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People read your dating profile to decide if you might be compatible, a list of negatives is not going to help them decide.

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A joke at your own expense is fine as long as you are not seriously putting yourself down.It is suprising how many people don’t know how to write an opening email message on an online dating site.Here is how to write an introductory email on an online dating site that will be opened, read and responded to by the person you are communicating with.Let them know you have read their profile and are not just sending the same message to everyone on the dating site.Whether you are confident or have to fake it, make yourself sound confident in messages.Don’t make your message too long, too short or too naughty, 4 to 5 lines is about right for a first message.

Unless you have joined a site specifically for adult content then don’t send messages with suggestive comments in.

Before you even think of writing messages to other online daters, make sure your profile is worth reading.

A column of “tell you later” or a long list of “I don’t likes” will simply put people off.

Don’t use the same old tired lines like “I just came across your profile and ..

” or “so what’s a nice woman like you doing in a place like this? Be original, imagine you just met this person at a party or in a cafe ..

If someone receives a lot of flirts then this is hardly an original way to communicate and may simply be ignored.