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In later generations, the Vinaya lineage also died out, despite repeated attempts to revive it; thus no more ordination ceremonies take place at Tōdai-ji.

With the alleged coup d'état by Nagaya in 729, an outbreak of smallpox around 735–737, worsened by consecutive years of poor crops, then followed by a rebellion led by Fujiwara no Hirotsugu in 740, the country was in a chaotic position.Ginza is also well known as the biggest shopping district that offers high-end branded products.In short, Ginza is a paradise for those who love shopping.You can also book a private room with an onsite cooking service.Place: Ginza Yoshizawa 3-D Access The theatre was built in 1889 and got restored in also has Sony Imaging Gallery that was opened in 2014 and shows the works and videos by Sony.

Place: Sony Building 2-C Access This store is a happy place for those who like to upgrade their stationary.

Emperor Shōmu had been forced to move the capital four times, indicating the level of instability during this period.

According to legend, the monk Gyoki went to Ise Grand Shrine to reconcile Shinto with Buddhism, spending seven days and nights reciting sutras until the oracle declared Vairocana Buddha compatible with worship of the sun goddess Amaterasu.

Place: New Castle 3-E Access Ginza is well known of its coffee shops. Come to this nostalgic place through a pivot door theist back and enjoy a cup of well-brewed beverage with home-made apple pie and eclairs.

Place: Tricolore Honten 3-C Access Impressive showroom and event hall where exhibition for tech geeks are frequently held.

The beginning of building a temple where the Tōdai-ji complex sits today can be dated to 728, when Emperor Shōmu established Kinshōsen-ji (金鐘山寺) as an appeasement for Prince Motoi (ja:基王), his first son with his Fujiwara clan consort Kōmyōshi. During the Tenpyō era, Japan suffered from a series of disasters and epidemics.