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Glimpse on line dating

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Then the fun part begins: choosing which of your Instagram photos you want to share with your potential mates.

There are only so many duck faces potential mates can handle.Last fall, Dennis Lafargue and Elizabeth Wisdom got engaged after meeting through Instagram. Well, it seems that I wasn’t the only one thinking that this love story was a potential business opportunity.The blogosphere blew up because, duh, this is pretty much the modern-day equivalent of a meet cute. Introducing Glimpse, the app that asks, “Does your Instagram say more about you than your dating profile?”One of the biggest complaints about version 1.0 of online dating sites (think, Ok Cupid, e Harmony) is that filling out those long profiles is a) annoying, b) takes too damn long, and c) might not be all that effective.Glimpse does away with the profile (almost) entirely by asking you to only enter your gender, birthday, and sexual orientation.Everyone knows what kind of photos end up on Tinder — and what cringe-worthy conversations those photos end up sparking.

They make for great stories, but rarely lead anywhere.

Same thing if you like taking pictures of your food, or your puppy, or even your hiking landscapes – a few artful photographs are great, but sometimes it's too much.

Also, what does an extensive photo collection tell you about the person taking the photo, other than they like their dogs, hikes, or crème brulee?

Acknowledging the power of visuals, the new app uses your Instagram account to help you find matches.

That is, Glimpse reveals photos you have taken on Instagram to potential matches, so they can get an idea of your interests, who you are, and what you like.

Instagram seems like a natural fit for online dating, but Glimpse is not the first to make a dating app using visual social media platforms.