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Twitter users will soon be able to post tweets of up to 280 characters.Today, half the world's electric cars are on Chinese roads: the country is set on becoming the world's technology and market leader.

He added that the hard sciences too, were not immune to cuts and layoffs.Germany, as a leading research location, could profit greatly from that ambition.Facebook is testing a new function across six countries.() Twitter users will soon be able to post tweets of up to 280 characters.The social network hopes the change will boost engagement, and ultimately narrow the gap in it profits between it and its great rival, Facebook.In the GDR, women were given the same opportunities as men to work and study.

Despite such advances, Nickel found herself increasingly disillusioned with a system that censored findings it didn't want to hear.

One of the prime examples of scientists finding a new career under a unified Germany was, of course Angela Merkel, Germany's current chancellor.

Before she entered politics, Merkel studied, worked and eventually earned her doctorate in quantum chemistry in East Berlin.

Before the wall came down, Hoffmann worked at the East German Academy of Sciences in the Institute for Theory and the History of Science.

" It was not possible for me for instance, to publish in Western journals," said Hoffmann, "and also I could not go to West to visit colleagues or conferences and to present there my scientific research." Scientists who didn't toe the party line, or who were suspected of criticizing the regime quickly found their work censored or not published at all.

"A whole number of institutes were closed down," he said in an interview with Deutsche Welle, nearly two decades after the official reunification date of October 3, 1990.