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ifir UBRARY OF CONGRESS DDODSb STTa H ^^ 'Oung men had been educated at a Jesuit college in France.

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They looked in vain for some sign of camp or wigwams but saw none.On June i6, 1673, they were swept into the broad waters of the ]\Iississippi river and beheld the rugged bluffs on the western shore a few miles below where the city of Mc Gregor now stands.Floating down on the bosom of its spa- cious waters they felt the inspiration of their great discovery.The natives were greatly astonished at the approach of the white men but made no hostile demonstrations.The)- received them cordially and appointed four of their old men to meet the two strangers in council.Never before has the earth been so beautiful nor the sun so bright as now.

Never has the river been so calm or free from rocks, which your canoes removed as they passed down.

Marquette has also given us a com- plete description of this feast. The first was a preparation of corn meal boiled in water and seasoned with oil. The third roasted dog, which, when the visitors had declined with thanks they at once removed from sight.

The last course was a roast of buffalo, the fattest pieces of which were passed to the Frenchmen, who found it to be most excellent meat.

Calling- a council of the chiefs and head men of the village they told them of the object of their voyage.

The Indians tried in vain to dissuade them from pursuing so perilous a journey by telling them of the savage tribes they would meet and the monsters which infested forest and river, but the two young explorers were unmoved.

It was the delightful month of June, the month of singing birds and blooming flowers and new born foliage.