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Game girl advance gamer dating

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Karen is a type-A personality whose “perfection” in the eyes of the world at large is an act that she aggressively pursues and hones.

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” and running home to play a dating sim where he romances a girl who looks just like her from the safety of a reloadable save file.The rom-com farce that ensues after Keita turns down Karen’s invitation argues in part that slamming people together solely on the basis of a single shared interest is a recipe for disaster.disasters, and it invites you to watch, rubbing its hands together and cackling.As a series of screwball misunderstandings fire off and the love hexagon starts to form, you start to care a lot more about the stupid kids, their fragile bonds, their screwups and their bad assumptions than the video games they like to play.The games did their job; they got you interested in the kids.She can’t do so much as go for a swim without establishing rules and making a contest out of it.

The joy Karen takes in games is from working hard and achieving, and from having like-minded people like her game club to do that with.

She is also — under aliases and unknown to him — both his Granblue buddy and his favorite Swery/Suda-ish indie game creator. Anime doesn’t usually play it subtle.) Keita’s buddy Tasuku, a self-loathing former nerd who’s taken it upon himself to fix Keita’s life, forces the two together.

They hit it off for about a day before they reach a snag over — what else?! Specifically because they’re so passionate about narrative and game worlds, the two quickly find that they can’t abide any kind of disagreement whatsoever on the finer points.

” are shorthands, relatable starting points that instantly fill in a certain specifically informed target audience to the characters.

But those labels are not the entirety of these characters’ being.

Our hero Keita is quiet and socially avoidant and games are the only joy in his life, until Karen, the most popular girl in school, appears out of nowhere and tries to recruit him into her secret video game club. Games do bring people together in these characters love games so much, they bond for a moment and then immediately start to judge and turn on each other over the particulars.