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Wearing sunglasses and absurd white earmuffs, Faris exclaims, “Oh, my God—that is so for a scene,” Seth Rogen, the star of the dark comedy “Observe and Report,” from 2009, in which Faris played a vapid, slutty makeup saleswoman, says.

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“Younger women lap up the nudity and the sexual humor,” the director said. She even talks about quitting acting to make goat cheese, just because she likes goats. Her two-time co-star Ryan Reynolds compares her to “a fluffy bunny rabbit wearing lingerie and carrying a blood-soaked Bowie knife.” Faris draws your attention like a baby crawling through a cocktail party—because she’s wide-eyed and vulnerable, and because you know something’s going to go alarmingly wrong.For men, these roles can be a stepping stone to stardom: think of Owen Wilson in “Meet the Parents” and Kevin James in “Hitch” (neither of which passes the test, either).On the other hand, such relatively unraunchy female-driven comedies as “Juno,” “Mean Girls,” “The House Bunny,” “Julie & Julia,” “Something’s Gotta Give,” “It’s Complicated,” and “Easy A” have all done well at the box office. The answer is that studios, as they release fewer films, are increasingly focussed on trying to develop franchises, like “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Twilight”—repeatable, enormously lucrative blockbusters.I.” T-shirts that Faris wears, and be noticeably heavier than a fashion model.New Regency wanted Ally to be blond and trim and teeter around in high heels, as Faris had in “The House Bunny”—to embody the look for which the company was paying her $1.75 million.“I spanked you, I finger-banged you,” he says, but then “you passed out in the shower.” The studio felt that “finger-banged” was too bald, so Faris suggested that they get “someone with a really funny voice, someone like Aziz”—the comedian Aziz Ansari—“to dub the message, and then we can put ‘finger-banged’ back in.” “Absolutely!

” Mylod said, and Faris gave him a gentle smile, knowing that it probably wouldn’t happen. hundred thousand.” Watching me, she said, “Maybe it’s better as ‘Five’—a longer beat, a sudden realization—“ ‘.’ Better? After a moment, she added, “The truth is—and it’s kind of embarrassing, because I’m thirty-four, but I’ve been married twice, so I’ve been out of commission for a while—the real number The Bechdel Test, established in 1985 by the cartoonist Alison Bechdel and her friend Liz Wallace, is a way of examining movies for gender bias.

And the number needed to be high enough to be a sufficient source of concern for Ally.”“I voted for a lower number, like one,” Tom Rothman, the co-chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment, which distributes New Regency’s films, said. But he went on to say that “there’s an innocent quality to Anna’s sexuality, and an inherent kindness to her, that makes it possible to make a movie about sex and have it feel like she’s still a sweetheart.” Faris’s bet that she can succeed without becoming America’s sweetheart is strongly hedged, in Rothman’s view, by the fact that she already is.

Faris and Mylod saw Ally as a wayward bohemian who would have tousled hair, wear the kind of jeans and “Magnum P.

In the 2005 film “Just Friends,” she played a self-indulgent pop star named Samantha James, a character loosely based on Britney Spears.

In one largely improvised scene, she meets her co-star Ryan Reynolds’s nerdy friends Clark and Darla, from high school, and learns that they’re now married.

(Parker argues that the grungy-bohemian idea was a cliché, and that “it felt like it would be too easy to write Ally off as a screwup if everything about her is a mess—if she’s just the female equivalent of a man-child.”) “A month before the shoot,” Faris said, “they got me a gym membership and a trainer, which is standard.” She added, deadpan, that after she lost five pounds “they sent me a bouquet—and said, ‘Don’t eat it.’ ” During the filming, she subsisted on turkey slices and carrot sticks.