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The woman has since sued her husband, George Nyekesha, 46, for divorce saying that he is a sex maniac.

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The two got married in 1996 when the sexual abuse started and that he never used to provide for her and the five children they had.The custody of their three children was given to Kalenga and Nyekesha was ordered to be maintaining them with K250.The court further advised Nyekesha to stop behaving like an animal because it was inhuman for a normal person to behave like that.Ms Kalenga narrated that she once fainted when her husband had weird anal sex with her since the pain was unbearable.“This man will kill me with sex; he does not get tired, even when I am fully pregnant he demands for sex,” she said.He said as a married young man it was impossible for him to stay for months without sex, hence he was scared of defiling a child.

“I decided to find an elderly woman to be having sex with because if I continued enduring a sexless life, I would have ended up defiling a young girl and go to jail,” Zulu said.

This was a case in which Jessica sued Felix Zulu, 26, for divorce after the two failed to resolve their marital disputes.

The two, who got married in 2010 and have three children, started having marital problems last year when Zulu stopped buying food for the family.

He said he had a right to make love to his wife whenever he deemed it fit even when she was on her monthly periods or in labour.

“I can make love to my wife in which ever manner I want because I married her for sex first and love later,” he said.

She said she never saw any need for her to continue feeding her husband and allow him to have sex with her.