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Dietary intake was assessed using a mobile food record App (m FR) where participants captured images of foods and beverages consumed over 4-days at baseline and post-intervention.The primary outcomes were changes in serves of fruits, vegetables, energy-dense nutrient-poor (EDNP) foods and sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB).

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Tailoring is a form of communication personalised to the individual based on characteristics unique to that person and derived from individual assessment [].In 2011, over half of young adults aged 18–24 years and 59 % of 25–34 year olds in Western Australia were classified as either overweight or obese [].In Australia, teenagers and young adults consume more energy dense nutrient poor foods (EDNP) such as fast food, chocolate, chips, meat pies, pizzas and sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) than other age groups and are less likely than older adults to meet the Australian guidelines of at least two 150 g serves of fruit and five 75 g serves of vegetables a day [].With mobile technology being more readily accessible, digital and image-based diet assessment methods may address some of these limitations, allowing for simultaneous dietary assessment and self-monitoring.Given the level of interest in mobile technology amongst young adults, collecting dietary intake data using mobile devices may have more appeal and lead to improved cooperation in this age group.As young adults are high users of mobile devices, interventions that use this technology may improve engagement.

The Connecting Health and Technology study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of tailored dietary feedback and weekly text messaging to improve dietary intake of fruit, vegetables and junk food over 6 months among a population-based sample of men and women (aged 18–30 years).

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The act of recording appears to raise a person’s awareness of what they are eating and has been shown to be an effective behaviour change strategy [].

However, many weight loss studies where food records have been used for self-monitoring fail to include sufficient detail for assessment of diet to be undertaken or measures of adherence, such as the day and time of recording [].

[] recommended future trials include dietary self-monitoring and tailored feedback to increase the personal relevance to the individual.