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Their cravings will start to completely consume them, and, eventually, they won't even be able recognize themselves when they look into a mirror after feminization transformation with their Femdom Mistresses.

Now, as I mentioned before, there are several steps or stages that a man experiences before he become a full-blown sissy boy.One does not simply become a sissy overnight, generally speaking.Becoming a sissy actually involves a number of stages.This is the point where one becomes slightly intrigued by these new feelings.The newfound sissy boy's mind must have been racing in the moments before he slipped on that pair of panties or painted his lips a bright cocksucking red.They will find it hard to become aroused without some form of feminization in their sexual routines.

Orgasm will be practically unattainable without their first becoming sissy girls.

But those thoughts were nothing compared to the kinds of thoughts he had afterward and even up until the point that he was brave enough to start the next stage of exploration. In stage three, sissies are still feeling like they have to hide this newfound fetish so they spend every moment that they're alone sneaking away to indulge in this decadent pleasure.

I bet those poor sissies must have wrestled terribly with themselves. Perhaps it becomes almost ritualistic, starting from the moment that the door clicks shut behind them, and they're sure that they are, in fact, completely alone.

It may have almost been like a masturbation marathon of sorts, running to find all of their “supplies,” so that they can feel like the panty boy or sissy boy that they're slowly becoming.

These little sissies probably worked exceptionally hard to hide these fantasies that they were having.

Just imagine how you will feel, finally letting all of your feelings out for once and being truly free of judgment.