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It’s just US$40, and it’s your best ticket to creating your own computer vision and augmented reality projects, imagining stuff before big game console makers do. Sony intended it to be used with their flagship game console. Peau Productions has been one of the best sources for information on working with the PS3 Eye, and the man himself – Nolan – has done some great tutorials.

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Early on, PS3 Eye support was a bit shaky, but thanks to the power of communities using these and helping with the projects, I can now wholeheartedly recommend all three desktop operating systems.You may need to have your kernel headers available so that the drivers can be built for your Linux kernel.If you’re using the default Ubuntu kernel, for instance, you can simply choose “sudo apt-get install build-essential” for everything you need.The lenses, when combined with his custom mount, give you the option of using visible light or infrared light easily – just screw in the lens you need.Different focal lengths make installations and interactive tables more practical.If, like me, you built your kernel from source (which I did to get a newer real-time kernel), then that source folder should still be available.

Clarification: Apparently the required module is built into many kernels, so if you haven’t modified your kernel, you may be okay.

You might be doing tracking on top of a projection, as on many multitouch tables.

In this case, blocking visible light will eliminate the image of the projection (digital projectors don’t emit much IR-spectrum light), while infrared light can still provide tracking information.

You’ll want to trick out the PS3 Eye to make it really yours, with drivers, infrared-tracking capability, and a beautiful, new custom housing.

The case works fine when the camera is upright, but it’s a bit awkward, and it can’t sit horizontally for use in multitouch tables and installations and such.

You can’t use the built-in lens with the case, so you will need the mount and some lenses, too.