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Free local pic swap

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We found some options for all mobile platforms so you can access all the smartphone snapshots captured at the next festival, party or wedding you attend.

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We had around 420 people join our album and over 2000 photos collected.Seemingly ideal for a large event like a music festival, Bonfyre allows users to create and join albums as well as enter private chats so they can talk about the event as it unfolds.While the chatting feature of Bonfyre may suggest that it is a hyper-social app, it actually provides quite a bit of privacy.It will then come up in your available options on the camera roll.collecting all this coverage into a crowdsourced photo album.It automatically displays photos taken by your friends at the same time in the same place, combining them into events.

The developers at Napa have big plans for Android development and eventual photo downloading, but in the meantime, it is a great viewing platform for i OS.

If you are a social butterfly, you need an easy way to collect and share your event photos — no matter how many parties you have thrown in the past few days.

Sharypic allows for smartphone-to-app photo uploading and sharing, but it also will collect photos from popular social networking sites to help you consolidate your event coverage into just one app.

Live chatting an event in real time is cool and all, but what if you want to collect photos from an event that already happened? Cluster will sort them out for you based on the time and location of capture.

Once categorized, you can create a "cluster" by inviting other people who were at the event to share their photos with you.

If you are looking for a cool party, you can search events and check out live coverage from attendee photographers.