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The hot summer air blasted through my hair in the back of the open jeep.I took in the beautiful landscape and rolling hills. As if being around my hot sister wasn't bad enough, the sight of Carol and Ellen's trim, curvy bodies made my poor cock strain and jump in my jeans.

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I decided, "while in Rome," and pulled my sister into my arms. Lucia asked if our uncle had heard anything from our ex-aunt Louise. Uncle Stephen broke the pause, "Well, now that it's all out in the open, I want you two to know that while you're here, you're free to sleep together, and explore each other to your heart's content.As the stars came out one by one, we all shared old family stories and gossip, and caught up with each other's lives. " My cousins, perched on each knee of their father, nuzzled into him, "Mmmmm, they sure did Daddy." The girls looked at him with what can only be described as lust. Just pondering the idea made my heart race with lust - my cock straining like a throbbing pole of steel, Lucia too was in a daze, staring at the massive, obvious lump in my pants.A chilly breeze blew in from the ocean far away, so we got up to enjoy the warmth of the small fire in the den. with all those little boy toys..." "Now girls," their father interrupted, "Let's not start that again. Her breathing was quick and shallow, her tongue just touching the right corner of her lips. Pure lust pounded within me, coursing through my veins, my muscles, forcing my eyes to lock on to the sweet arc of my sister's neck. Damning all consequences, I leaned in and gave her little kisses along the supple flesh below her ear.Although Lucia has dark brown hair, both her and Ellen have the same budding curve to the hip, the same high cheekbones, and identical piercing blue eyes.Surrounded by all this gorgeous femininity, I inwardly gulped.At the ranch, my sister and I unpacked and settled into our rooms. Although my sister and I hadn't really touched each other since the "incident," we still had the hots for each other.

We finished in time to join our relatives on the back porch, where Lucia and I watched the sky wash over with orange and red, our first California sunset. The idea of sex between family members excited us both, and here before us was our uncle and his two beautiful daughters not so subtly hinting at their own incestuous relationship.

It hadn't been easy getting permission from our parents.

Although they gave us a variety of reasons for not wanting us to go, my sister and I suspected that the main one was left unspoken. I'm sure the "incident," as my sister calls it, was still on our parent's minds when the vacation proposal came up.

Using both hands, she gripped at my uncle's thick 8-incher, and began to run her hands up and down the veiny shaft.

With her palm, she pressed his meat against his athletic belly to better expose his hefty scrotum.

Ellen, at eighteen was the same age as Lucia and I.