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The information is drawn from Equifax, the Identity Theft Resource Center, the U. Federal Trade Commission, and the National Consumer Law Center. Initially, the form confused many users with responses that did not clearly say whether they were exposed. Such alerts can be red flags of ID theft, if applications for credit are made, or new accounts are opened, without your knowledge.

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There are charges for the freeze, which vary from state to state.Identity thieves can use your information to open fraudulent credit card accounts that can show up on your credit report and hurt your credit score. And if you are a victim, Life Lock’s ID protection helps with identity restoration and even lost wallet coverage.Plus, Life Lock’s products and services offer credit protection with a fraud alert† if someone opens a new account with your personal information.To do so, you must send an opt-out letter within 30 days of signing up for the service.Opting out should not affect your credit monitoring service.I would probably have never known of these if I hadn't had Life Lock.

Thanks for taking care of this, Life Lock."“THANK YOU! It made me feel thankful that someone was looking out for me.""Great Service""I have had Life Lock for several years with upgrading to Ultimate Plus within the past year.

Experts recommend to check one report every four months, to spread your monitoring effort out during the year.

Get your free reports through Annual Credit (you can also check your credit report for free at Credit ) You can also set up a fraud alert at the credit bureaus to alert creditors that your identifying data has been hacked.

Trans Union, another big-three credit bureau, offers a lock on its credit reports as part of a free service called True Identity.

The service requires no credit card to begin, but users face multiple attempts to upsell them into other products.

for products purchased on its main website “and all other websites owned or operated by Equifax and its affiliates.” Consumer lawyers say this language could potentially be used to dispute people’s right to take the company to court, or to collect damages in a class-action lawsuit.