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Steph spread her legs wide, exposing her bare pink cunt (thank God for Brazilians), her long manicured nails slipped between the slick folds. Yeah, that's right Karla, your little sister is in our bed screaming my name while I eat her out. I almost wish Karla could really see me going down on Steph. " Steph and I both froze at the muffled voice downstairs. If she had quietly come upstairs instead of making her presence known she would have caught me with my head between her little sister's legs. We could have fucked any of those times, but she has a roommate and I wanted her first time to be special and just the two of us. Some men want women with large breasts or a sweet ass. I need it in every way possible, my dick, my mouth, my fingers – all of my senses come into play when it comes to my pussy obsession.

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My friend Joe just finished setting up his camera equipment.I know Mike has a thing for my wife, so I told him to go for it.I hope he spends the entire week fucking Karla and she comes back and asks for a divorce.I leaned back on my elbows to give her better access and still watch her. Suck my balls." Steph chuckled and happily obliged.Her head bent down and her tongue flicked teasingly over my balls. She spent the next several minutes lavishing attention on my nuts while her hand pumped my dick.I brushed my mouth over her soft wet pussy lips and inhaled deeply. My tongue snaked out and flicked teasingly over her clit before slipping deep into her tiny hole. I teased her clit with my teeth and tongue, nipping gently before flicking my tongue over the sensitive bud. Suck my clit." I pulled her clit deep in my mouth and sucked hard. I love seeing Steph's sweet lips wrapped around my dick, sucking me dry. Considering mine is the only dick she's ever sucked, that's saying something. I guess it was enough for Karla that I still rammed my dick into her regularly and she didn't notice that I'd lost my taste for her.

Her hips bucked in unison with my thrusting tongue. I could feel the spasms wracking her body as juices gushed from her hole. I continued fucking Karla the nights I didn't see Steph. So here I am, two months after Steph's eighteenth birthday, and two months of gorging myself on the sweetest pussy in the world – and I'm finally going to fuck my girl.

My dick was so hard I was afraid it would explode, but I don't fuck seventeen year old girls under any circumstances.

So I promised Steph if she saved herself for me I'd give her something special for her eighteenth birthday.

I reached my hand out to Steph and she shyly walked over to me.

I was afraid we'd be distracted by the cameras and Joe just a few feet away.

But she was a sweet kid and from day one I told her every chance I got that she was beautiful.