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As well as teaching children who live in geographically isolated areas, these schools also teach children who are travelling around Australia or who can't, for medical or other reasons, attend a regular school.The SOA program has now extended to teach secondary students and adult education courses, meaning that all members of a family can now complete studies, no matter where they are living.

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A transceiver is a special type of radio that allows the user to both send and receive messages.Alternatively, community schools provide an opportunity for children to attend schools and to grow up in their communities.Teaching and learning in both types of schools has benefited greatly from radio communication and more recently, electronic facilities.Until the 1950s, children living in remote communities would either have to attend a boarding school, or complete their lessons by mail.This meant that students were either separated from their families or they had no interaction with their teacher and other students.Every student is provided with a mail delivered printed program with accompanying resources.

This material is then supplemented by on-air lessons.

This means that students can talk to each other as well as the teacher during classes.

SOA teachers also try to visit as many students as possible at least once a year.

Due to the delays in mail delivery, it also meant that many of these students would fall behind in their lessons. In 1948, the Alice Springs RFDS base, was used to broadcast the first school lessons to outback children.

Just a few years later, the School of the Air (SOA) was officially established.

The answer is Community Government schooling and the School of the Air.