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Foreign affair dating

Hmmmm for girls that have on their profiles to be college grads and speak fair english, I would think that they could at least have their own email address and not need a translator.

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SO I THINK THAT THE PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP FOR THE MOST PART IS A BUNCH OF BS AND BULL.Love connects men with foreign women from Latin America, the Ukraine, Russia and Asia.For the man who is looking for love overseas, this is the site for them.I would be hesitant to go on one of these tours because of the lies and the scam that they are running on the website it makes me not want to trust these people. Not very many of the girls look anything like the ones on the website .I ordered the AFA love me tour dvd, and it cost me like $10 with shipping. I took the paper cover off and the dvd case looked almost like the cover of a porn dvd. So IDK if i would be willing to trust these guys and pay them money to do a tour or not.I am goin to keep writing until i have sent about 500 emails to see if I get any hits for entertainment.

BTW after just a couple of days of emailing the 'girls' they stopped emailing and fell off the face of the earth????? LOL (Note the pics that the women sent me looked nothing like any of the profile pics of the girls i emailed) NOW HERE IS THE REAL SCAM BEWARE BEWARE You can join AFA or for free.

Now the emails are directly from the girls email to mine.

AFA is no longer involved one my email has been accepted by her and she replies.

GEEEEZ to reply to her through the AFA system is 5.99-7.99 and 2.99 for each pic you attach.

GEEEZ As you can see this could get very expensive in a hurry.

Then on the site after you log in, you have an INBOX, where supposedly women that have seen your profile and are interested in you can email you first. Even if you are a 'platinum' member if you use the mail system that is the 'inbox' on the afa site.