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Filemaker total record count not updating

We don't cover relational databases in this chapter, but it is on that tab that you would create the relational associations among tables in your solution.In File Maker 9 Tip #6 we explained how to use the new Append to PDF feature in File Maker 9.

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The results were being stored in a variable and later displayed in a virtual table report.If it is a match, you can take whatever action is appropriate (delete, mark as dupe, etc.). As you become more familiar with File Maker Pro and make the leap from beginner to intermediate developer you will inevitably become accustomed to working with lists.We can do that with the merely returns the number of the active record in the found set. It’s important to be aware that every time you get a new found set or change your sort order, any given record’s number is subject to change.I just used Get Nth Record yesterday to grab data from a related file (hat tip to Robert Schaub, a developer with whom I work).Any fields you create will be created in that table.

Notice the third tab in the Manage Database dialog: Relationships.

File Maker Pro will have already created a default table for you, named the same as the file itself.

Notice the Table pop-up menu on the Fields tab of the dialog in Figure 3.1.

I want to do a Count IF like in Excel that counts the number of records with "L" in the Field "SAT 1".

By storing information in properly categorized fields within well-organized tables, you impart both function and meaning to what would otherwise be an incomprehensible pile of raw data.

File Maker Pro's Manage Database dialog allows you to create the fields, tables, and relationships you need to form your database.