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These ruins are close together and generally in much better repair than those you have just seen.

If you've already had your bicycle tour of the ruins of ancient Anuradhapura, there is no shortage of further options today.Those keen on history and archaeology might like to visit one of the local museums.Mihintale, the sacred birthplace of Sri Lankan Buddhism, is recommended.While they rarely attack the villagers, there have been spate of incidents when the animals got stuck in pits and wells in the sugarcane and other fields and had to be rescued.Blue Pill With 100 On Both Sides Small Oval Pill 4a2 M367 Dark Blue A 215 Oxycodone Pill Picture Carprofen Red Pill With K 13 Hydrocodone White M367 Thicker What Does A Percocet 15 Look Like Rimadyl Small Round Pill M On One Side 035 Other More Recent Topics ...Two of the smaller elephants nuzzle underneath one of the larger ones and they all munch on the tree leaves that have been given to them Meanwhile the digger can been seen making a path as a crowd of locals looks on from above the well.

The only time the elephants appear to be frightened is when the digger finally completes the path and the group huddles on the far side of the well.

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Notes: There are numerous steps to get to the caves.

You will need to remove your shoes and be dressed appropriately, with shoulders and legs covered, to enter.

You'll also visit the well laid-out museum, which has scale models of many of the buildings to show how they would have existed in their time.