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The final decades of the sixth century, however, begin to show the flowering of a lively written tradition.This tradition was captured over two centuries later with two important compilations of the Mu'allaqat and the Mufaddaliyat.

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Here are the famous people who have had their naughty indiscretions—often plastered all over the front page of the newspaper.The text is believed to be divine revelation and is seen by some Muslims as eternal or 'uncreated'.This leads to the doctrine of i'jaz or inimitability of the Qur'an which implies that nobody can copy the work's style nor should anyone try.It is the source of many ideas, allusions and quotes and its moral message informs many works.Aside from the Qur'an the hadith or tradition of what Muhammad is supposed to have said and done are important literature.While this ignorance refers mainly to religious ignorance, there is little written literature before this time, although significant oral tradition is postulated.

Tales like those about Sinbad and Antar bin Shaddad were probably current, but were recorded later.

These collections probably give us a biased picture of the writings of the time as only the best poems are preserved; some of the poems may represent only the best part of a long poem.

However they can be stories and novels and even fairy tales as well.

Muhammad also inspired the first Arabic biographies, known as al-sirah al-nabawiyyah; the earliest was by Wahb ibn Munabbih, but Muhammad ibn Ishaq wrote the best known.

While covering the life of the prophet they also told of the battles and events of early Islam and have numerous digressions on older biblical traditions.

Khalil ibn Ahmad would later write Kitab al-Ayn, the first dictionary of Arabic, along with works on prosody and music, and his pupil Sibawayh would produce the most respected work of Arabic grammar known simply as al-Kitab or The Book.