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Environmentalist and online dating

As a devoted philanthropist and environmentalist, Mc Adams prefers to ride around on a bicycle and does not own a car.She has volunteered in many causes to support humanity- including the clean up after Hurricane Katrina.

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Her entry into acting was sealed and the media labeled her the “it” girl.The movie went on to become a worldwide hit with a solid and detailed plot coupled with stellar performances from the cast. For an actress who has proved time and again that she is at the epitome of acting royalty, Mc Adams lives a simple life that she fiercely protects from the drama of Hollywood. S green card, she says that there is no need to live there as most films are not even shot in Hollywood anymore.She resides in the Harbord Village neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.We aim to provide you with the most interesting and entertaining information about Rachel.Here you can find and learn everything about this superstar!Her success continued with roles in Morning Glory (2010) and Midnight in Paris (2011).

The latter received a nomination in the Actors Guild Awards for outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture.

This is a complete fansite dedicated to the talented Canadian actress Rachel Mc Adams.

She has played roles in some amazing box office hits such as “True Detective (2015)”, “Southpaw (2015)“, “The Notebook (2004)” and latest Doctor Strange (2016).

Asked about her hiatus in an interview in 2013, Mc Adams likened her situation to a kitchen full of cooks who would eventually ruin things for her.

She explained it as stepping away from all the voices around her to find her own voice.

Movie lovers were just getting accustomed to her great talent and impressive performances on the screen when she took a break from 2006 to 2007 to focus on herself.