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Elite cams adult

Elite cams adult-74

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The range of adjustable settings on the Infinite Edge is just staggering – you could get it for a 5 year old kid and he/she would still be able to use it 10 or 15 years later.See our guide on determining REAL bow speed to understand how different settings will affect actual shooting speed.Keep in mind that from a young archer’s perspective, shooting speed is not that important.Draw length can be anywhere between 13″ and 30″, while draw weight can be set to anything between 5 and 70 lbs.!Unless the shooter is a VERY tall adult, I guarantee a suitable setting for the bow will be found.You’ll want them to focus on proper form and accuracy at short distances, and FPS does not matter much in these scenarios.

Only once your kid grows older (or if the bow is being used by an adult) should you start concerning yourself with speed — and at that point, you’ll be using the higher bow settings, where FPS is solid.

There are three setting ranges: A, B and C, with C being the lowest range.

To change the setting from C to B for example, you will need a bow press.

At the higher settings however, it’s a very powerful bow indeed.

Below are some example KE calculations for a few different settings of the Infinite Edge: The cams are not aggressive at all, and ramp up to peak draw weight happens slowly and very smoothly.

All IBO ratings assume a setting of 70 draw weight, 30 draw length, and 350 grain arrows.