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The ULEZ will operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and come into force in September 2020. Plans have also been consulted on to extend this out to the wider London area too, potentially limiting cars within the bounds of the North and South Circular.A public consultation on this closed on 16 December 2016 and a statutory consultation is now due.

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The Crit-Air scheme requires all vehicles – cars, lorries, motorcycles and buses – to display a round sticker, or vignette, in the windscreen that confirms which emissions group the vehicle fits into by the colour of the badge.As well as these older cars, motorcycles and scooters registered before 2000 and buses and trucks before 2001 will also not be granted a vignettes.The RAC said it believes that nine per cent of French vehicles are too old to get a sticker at all.Produced using fishing nets and other goods salvaged during dives, the firm behind the invention says it's helping clean-up the world's seas.It offers a 100 per cent guarantee that it won't cause any irritable cheeks, often brought on by exercising and playing sports.Euro 2 and 3 diesel models that sit in the highest numbered Crit'Air brackets could also face restricted access to the city as the rules become progressively tighter towards 2020.

The penalty for failing to display a sticker while driving in Paris is an on-the-spot fine of between €68 and €135 (£58 and £117), which French police have already began enforcing.

The Other Danish Guy's founder Tommi Lähde said: 'For us, using recycled nylon yarn made from ocean garbage was a two-fold decision.'We want to change the world for the better, and we also discovered this type of nylon is actually much softer and more comfortable against the skin.

He added: 'But it is the softest and most breathable material of its type on the market.' The secret is the 'Smooth Shell' material used - a revolutionary, fast-drying fabric which has an 'outstandingly soft touch'.

This special yarn is then woven into the material used in the firm's Ocean Discovery range of underwear.

A successful crowdfunding campaign helped raise more than double the £15,415 ($20,000) the firm intended to.

But Finnish designers claim their new range of boxer shorts made from recycled material are a cure - both the pain and the world's oceans.