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You can save and smoke them or you can get rid of them and buy yourself another ones.

As for the mold, here we have totally different and more dangerous situation as in comparison with those two from above.ce n est pas mauvais signe au contraire c est un signe qu il ont été bien entreposé et ce qu on croit etre de la moisisure est plutot l huile du tabac qui se vieillissement du cigare, choisissez plutot ceux-ci au lieu d en avoir peurvery choppy sentences throughout this page, sloppy writing and editing.One thing they should have mentioned, if the mould is black or is caused from exposure to contaminated water, sewer backflow, or severe flooding discard everything, black mould is deadly, especially when inhaled.Bloom or plume appearance is a sign that your cigars undergo usual ageing process.It looks like a tiny spider web or a thin layer of white powder and can be removed with ease.First of all, mold can be of various colors, such as green, blue, white and slightly yellow.

Secondly, it is very "hairy" and grows much quicker than the plume.

But before that you should wipe the contaminated stogies with a dry cloth, than drop several tears of denaturized alcohol on the cloth and rub them once again.

After that, locate both containers in the fridge (the freezer is the extreme measure) and let them stay there for a week (control them every couple days during the week).

And now on, let's examine the causes of mold on your preferred cigars.

Of course, as many of you have already realized, it is a matter of excessive humidity in your humidor.

Still, it is recommended to keep your infected stogies apart from those "healthy" and smoke them as soon as possible.