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A driver for ride-sharing app Uber was arrested Monday night for allegedly masturbating while ferrying a 25-year-old woman through the eastern Indian city of Kolkata earlier this month.News of the incident comes weeks after a female passenger in the Indian capital New Delhi made a similar allegation against a driver working for Taxi For Sure, one of Uber’s main competitors in the country.

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Uber also helped the local authorities in Kolkata with their investigation. चाची ने अपना हात उसने लोडे पे रख दिया और उसे सहलाने लगी. चची ने उसकी जिप खोली एंड उसका लैंड मुह में ले लिया. उसने भी चची का ब्लौसे उतार दिया और चची की चूत में अपनी उंगली दे दी. wo sharma ke bola are chachi kuchh nahee, aisee koi baat nahee. chachi boli sharma mat idhar aa, usko apnee god me sula liya or sar pe haath ferne lag gayee. chachi ne apna haat usne lode pe rakh diya or use sahlane lagee. chachi ne uskee zip kholi and uska land muh me le liya. usne bhee chachi ka blause utaar diya or chachi ki chut me apnee ungali de dee. usne unka blause or petikot khol diya or bobe chusne laga. uskee chachi ne puchha koi girl friend hai yaa nahee. jawan ho koi na koi to hogee wo bola haan aik hai, wo boli kese hai, wo bola sundar hai. wo bolee kuchh kiya ke nahee abhee tak, wo bola kya chachi kya, jaane do.The customer called Wang and her staff Nepalis and outsiders, saying he and his ancestors have been living in the city for long. Tata Memorial Centre recruit Ad-Hoc Nurse, Assistant Professor, Accounts Officer, JT. Kolkata: Apart from being a vibrant city with a rich culture, Kolkata has also been known for being an accommodating city where people from different regions and walks of life come and flourish.

But recent incidents, like the discrimination against a driver at a famous restaurant in the city, have raised questions over this reputation.

The incident took place on July 8, when the passenger noticed that the driver was “masturbating with one hand and driving with the other,” the reported that the driver was constantly looking at her during the journey.

She subsequently filed a police complaint, which led to the driver being put under surveillance for several days before he was arrested on Monday night.

Controller, Human Resource Development Officer, Medical Physicist, Adhoc Driver Posts.

About Tata Memorial Centre The Tata Memorial Hospital is situated in Parel, Mumbai in India.

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