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Dns updating norstar

dns updating norstar-26

The User and Services Configuration form combines the functions of several system forms into a single form; however, you can still access and use the individual forms.The advantage of using the User and Services Configuration form is that it allows you to modify a wide range of user data (such as Telephone Directory, Department, or Personal Speedcall assignments) without having to make modifications in many separate forms.

Clicking the "Open in Mi Collab" link opens the Mi Collab User Service Provisioning (USP) application and automatically logs you in.Selecting a device or user displays the appropriate Details fields that can be configured or re-configured, as required.: Mi Collab services are not editable in this form and do not display any details; however, the "Open in Mi Collab" link allows you to automatically log into the Mi Collab USP application and access the selected record.You can also add or delete a User, Phone Service or Voicemail.The Summary information is read-only, but you can access and edit the Details fields by clicking the user's name or the associated phone service number.After creating a user, you can click the button to send them a welcome email containing their service credentials and other information.

NOTES The search results are displayed in a tree format in the bottom-left section of this form.

As of Mi Voice Business Release 7.2, Mi Voice Business nodes can SDS share data with Mi Collab servers 7.0 or up, in support of the Flow Through Provisioning solution, which allows the administrator to configure and manage users and phone services from a single location - Mi Collab is the recommended option.

When Mi Voice Business is sharing data with a Mi Collab server, any changes made in this form are also made on the Mi Collab system, and vice versa.

: UTF-8 encoded names are case-sensitive and will only be found with an exact match.

If you wish to select additional search options, click the " "to expand the field and select the required option(s): Only view Users with/without Services, Include Users with Remote Services OR Only view Services with/without Users, Include Remote Services.

Click the record or the arrow in front of it to reveal all services (including remotely-hosted and foreign, such as Mi Collab) currently mapped to the selected user or all users associated with the selected service.