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Define dating scripts

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The following script shows this: I was having major issues with the date.timezone setting after I updated from 5.3.3 to 5.4.29.I still need to update further, and perhaps it's a bug in this version that will be fixed when I update..

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As you can see below, the 5.2.6-Windows machine did a LOT faster.I'm sure I'm not the only one who is distressed by the recent default behavior change to E_NOTICE when the timezone isn't explicitly set in the program or in I insure that the clock on the server IS correct, and I don't want to have to set it in two places (the system AND PHP). But PHP won't accept that answer, and insists on a call to this function.The only problem is, that it cant use the timezone_set command.You can request a response back in any date-format you wish, or use the default one given in the function itself.on systems with slow IO like the Windows machine I used 3 years ago.

PHP 4 did not produce any log messages, and therefore was as fast as PHP5 with a timezone set.

So, here's my answer: This creates a huge problem for downloadable programs, which obviously cannot be hardcoded as this suggests, since the coder has no idea where they will be run.

Seems to me that if the server's timezone cannot be relied on, then THAT is the the problem which needs fixed.

My solution is to actually search the array and do a test to insure the offset is what I expect it to be.

It seems very kludgey (if thats a word) but it works.

I attempted to use the code that searched for the correct timezone name by offset from below.