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I've been browsing the service I'm considering and have found some possible matches.The research I've done about online dating indictes that the ratio is firmly stacked in the favor of the females.

I didn't realize I was going to write an essay but it is helping me get my thoughts straight. --------------------~tough as nails yet nice as pie~For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - and sometimes a scar."and don't threaten anyone with your pants today! But if you are looking for a long term companion, you sound like your content with your life as it is!My networks included college (a fine arts/performance school, for the most part--I met other writers there, but I don't really like other writers) and work (waiting tables--the stereotype about the gay male waiter is hurtful but, in my experience, not too far off the mark), neither of which put me in contact with very many straight men.I had no trouble meeting straight men in bars; in fact, I almost always got someone's number by the end of the night, and that led to many satisfying hookups.I guess I'd like some moral support, advice, caveats, etc. " - Frog_Feathers daisys does Myspace Originally posted by daisyslegs: well.... Well, I'm certainly not adverse to the idea of a long term companion - one hates to think one will grow old alone and my siblings are all a good bit older than I am.It's not easy getting up the gumption to try this after so long! However, I know that I am a bit particular and ambivalent at times - that's why I'm not considering E-Harmony as that is for those that are really serious about a committed relationship.--------------------So many books, so little time. I paid, I met lots of women, and a few i'm still good friends with.--------------------"I heard a very sad story about a girl who went to Bryn Mawr. Unless, of course, you just I met my boyfriend through

She squealed on her roommate, and they found her strangled with her own brassiere." - Some Like it Hot I met my SO on about 3 years ago. In your profile, give them a portrait of who you really are, not what you think men are looking for. If nothing else, you can have some fun.--------------------Eh? I, too, had loads of reservations about the safety of online dating, especially about people misrepresenting themselves.

(For the record, I'm a bleeding-heart liberal, hell-bound atheist, commitment-phobic, proudly independent, total slut.)So I put all that in my profile and crossed my fingers.

I got tons of responses, some from guys who obviously hadn't taken the time to read a word I wrote, but others from guys who seemed like really good matches.

as a man who met his mate on a dating site, (LL) Thought I should let you know a few things. and for it's worth I even went out with a few very attractive women who had no picture on the site.

And usually the complaint about women falsely advertising their appearance is more like this. She said she was 28 (I was 28 at the time) and had a picture that looked like she was 28ish...

Make sure when you meet, you do it in a public place away from where you live so you don't have to worry about nutjobs knowing where you live. Most people I've dealt with are fairly honest in their representation of themselves, and email is an excellent way to screen people; you can usually tell within one or two messages if you would be interested in meeting in person.