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A severely depressed individual may hear voices that confirm their negative emotions and convince them to commit suicide.A major difference between the psychosis characteristic of normal bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder is that bipolar symptoms will remit when the mood disorder episode is over.

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Schizoaffective disorder is a diagnosis characterized by the simultaneous presence of both the mood disorder characteristic of bipolar disorder and the psychotic thought problems characteristic of Schizophrenia.This point is highly controversial and does not represent the mainstream view within the mental health professions, however.First line treatment for BPD remains psychotherapy (with medication offered as a secondary support).This is generally not the case with regard to schizoaffective disorder wherein mood symptoms are more or less constant (although they may change in character they will not entirely disappear), while psychotic symptoms may wax and wane.In schizoaffective disorder, psychotic symptoms must be present in the context of an ongoing mood episode, as well as during periods of relative normal mood. I’ve self-published one book and have written two more.

I’m gearing up to publish the next one late this spring.

The problem is, those things are not always easy to fill out!

I don’t want my characters coming across as cliches or bland or unrealistic but every time I fill something in for one of the questions, that’s exactly how it feels.

So, without further ado, here’s a character profile of a real, live, human being (aka Me): History: born 1984; grew up in the south; middle child in family of 6 (4 siblings); often felt ignored or least-liked by siblings; community theater and cheerleading played big parts of high school; class valedictorian; majored in Criminal Justice in college, but is never going to use her degree Home: one bedroom apartment above the business where she works; very basic: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom; usually pretty messy with dishes in the sink; no dishwasher; lots of books and dvds; corner desk collecting dust with pretty framed picture of book cover, awesome Target lamps; all furniture is hand-me-downs/free except really nice Queen bed (really felt like an adult when purchased)Personality: depends on who with (Gemini!

) Likes: Sunkist, pens, movies – especially Disney and Romantic Comedies, pop music, country music, cute boys of Hollywood; desserts – especially chocolate cakes, ice cream, books, karaoke, dancing (like a dork) Dislikes: cutting toenails, lying, condescending people, life sometimes, phone calls Fears: being alone forever, rejection, failure, snakes – SNAKES Goals: to be a full time writer one day, to live in different places all over the world Hobbies: reading and writing, mainly; singing badly whenever the opportunity arises Occupation: Customer Sales Associate (a.k.a.

Accounts Receivable and whatever anyone else asks me to do) at Event Rental Company; aspiring author Favorite Food: Just one? Pizza, sushi, chocolate Least Favorite Food: tomatoes, onions Most Prized Possession: not exactly “prized” but favorite – Buffalo Bills blanket that belonged to Dad Vernacular (Way of Speaking): says “You’re killing me, Smalls,” and “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids,” a lot.