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Dating violence and cultural differences

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You can take this quiz and get feedback on your answers. Intimate partner violence and physical health consequences. Upon successful completion of the quiz (80% or above correct), you will be given the option to link to a secure site to pay a minimal fee for Social Work Continuing Education Hours (CEH) and receive a completion certificate documenting your CEH.

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In particular, we owe a debt of gratitude to Christine Jaworsky, Manager of Grants and Programs at the Foundation, who believed in this project from the start and helped us both to refine our concept and widely distribute these results. Children who see too much : lessons from the child witness to violence project. Each story begins with an introduction to the child and their family and friends. Click the “Next” arrow to advance through the story. There are three main characters in this learning module: David, Lucia, and Alex. Each of them has a diary that you will read through. The development of a scale for the assessment of parentification. Services and needs of court advocates email exchange ed2011.

Working with young children and their families: Recommendations for domestic violence agencies and batterer intervention programs.

To the right of the “Extras” tab you will see an icon that links you to a feedback page where you can tell us your reactions to the learning module.

When all three stories have been viewed, you will be given a choice to connect to the quiz for the module. Campbell J, Jones AS, Dienemann J, Kub J, Schollenberger J, O'Campo P, et al.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to both Jennifer Witt and Kevin Bullock of the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse who volunteered time and creativity to make learning module is designed for you to use at your own pace.

The interactive website provides text and audio as well as resources for additional study.

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