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At these Championships 31 countries were awarded with a medal.

This was the first time the World Aquatics Championships partially overlaps with the FINA World Masters Championships that have a number of athletes (near 5,500), countries (110) and medals (635) which are the most ever also.Construction period: May 2010 – December 2012 The usual capacity of the venue is 45,000 seats, but 15,000 temporary seats were installed during the World Championships 2015.This was the first time since the 100 metre pool at White City in 1908, that swimming pools were placed in a football stadium.Totally, near 1,800 officials and 100,000 guests visited the city.More than 500,000 tickets were sold on the Championship's competitions and shows.The medals are made from zinc with proper coating by gold, silver and bronze.

In honour of the event Bank of Russia issued the 3 rubles silver commemorative coin with coloured logo of championships and Russian Post produced 320,000 stamps and the commemorative booklet with envelope and stamp of first day mail cancellation.

It was the second time that China topped the medal standings.

Also, 12 world records were set at these Championships.

Initially, half of the 6,500 members from national teams were accommodated in Athletes Villages like at the Olympics.

A fleet of near 500 buses and cars, more than 400 volunteers, near 100 broadcasters and 1,200 mass-media journalists supported the event.

All the venues is conveniently accessed by major avenues and roads, as well as by public transport, making it easy for participants and spectators to travel to and from the Championships.