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Dating sites hacked

The ETH/USD was last down 2.2% at $315.02, according to Bitfinex.

He further stated that if any suspicious activity is noticed, users should immediately contact their respective banks and report fraud.The ethereum network suffered a large-scale cyber breach earlier this month resulting in the loss of tens of millions of dollars.A community of ethical hackers quickly banded together to “rescue” hundreds of millions of dollars worth of tokens.The ether token has shown remarkable poise over the past seven days, despite trading well shy of a new record.Other drivers behind Ethereum’s advance are steady demand from South Korean investors and growing confidence in a smooth upgrade for the the ETH network.The upgrade, which has been dubbed “Metropolis,” is expected in the next several weeks.

Its key benefits include tighter transaction privacy and greater efficiency.

After surging back toward $250.00, the ETH/USD has consolidated below the $220-mark, which continues to offer strong resistance.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, major support is located at $180.00.

The stealer in the software is called a Tinba and it is a Trojan that stays dormant until it detects financial information.

Once detected, the Tinba comes alive and steal every detail as used by its victims.

A security researcher at Malwarebytes, named Jorome Segura, said that this mode of cyber attack requires no contact.