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Dating site software 2016 software or site or dating

Scalable, responsive and built in accordance with the most modern coding standards, it will not only meet, but exceed your expectations in terms of technical quality and performance.

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Your organization has 5 out of 5 stars as far as I'm concerned in the customer support arena and I only don't rate project delivery because I have not had a chance to experience it.For almost a decade their affordable solutions are powering thousands of independent dating startups.The company is also a prominent fixture of the annual i Date Awards (celebrating the best achievements in the world of online dating industry), becoming the finalist in the category of Best Dating Software Producer for several years in the row.It seems like every time I'm in trouble with their software, they have some excuse.The MOST RECENT is that they have removed the customer forums (where customers could get REAL help, not the Skadate awful technical support!If I had to take a jab at this soft, it'd be complex admin panel, but with this amount of options I choose to ignore most of it and work with the stuff I need, which you learn after first few tries. These are all simple pieces of software in case you don't happen to have $100,000 to develop your own dating site.

I can say that Skadate is the most professional company in terms of support and the product is definitely the best among its class.

) They say "Oh, the new forum will be up on Monday.

I highly doubt it, but even if it is, it's RIDICULOUS that they didn't leave it up for existing customers to access while they build a new one. I am using Skadate script for a rather specific niche where "dating" per say is actually more of an interest matchmaking process. Well I did expect this, thus got an Advanced solution with some free development hours to cover major modification of mine - connecting events to clubs.

I tried nearly all products in this space for my dating app business. Try talking to support about these issues and they will promise to fix it in the next release, but the fix never happens.

Some people have been waiting for 3-4 years for things that a developer could patch in an hour. Right now the only messages that get sent out in the language of the user are the registration confirmation emails.

Support installed the script for me quickly, helped with basic settings within my free month of support. It takes about 1 or 2 months to get your head around the admin side of the software.