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Dating site for nerds

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They may be a perfect stranger, they may be someone you’ve had a crush on for a long time, who knows.All you know […] There comes a point in every relationship where you have to have an awkward or intimidating conversation you’d rather avoid. No relationship you’ll ever have, whether it’s with friends, family or lovers, will be without problems. I really appreciate the niche you’ve carved out and the help you provide your readers.

I’m pretty sure I’m wrong about this, but I wanted to […] Do you have have that friend who seems to just connect with people. Nerd Love) is an internationally recognized blogger and dating coach who gives dating advice to geeks of all stripes. From actress/model Amber Heard, who is dating Elon Musk, the tech billionaire behind Tesla cars, and has just posted a picture on social media of him covered in her lipstick, to model Lily Cole and Kwane Ferreira, the pairing of Beauty and the Geek has never been more in vogue.Even tennis queen Serena Williams is engaged to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the social news website Reddit. Arguably the greatest female player in tennis history, Serena is reportedly worth more than £110 million.I'm Gonna Git You Sucka favourite Bernie was surrounded by friends and family when he died at a hospital in Los Angeles.Bernie's spokesman told TMZ the comedy star recently fell ill, and had spent the last few days in hospital.His bride-to-be, meanwhile, is full-on bling: she has a ‘purse room’ in her Florida mansion for her immense handbag collection, drives a Bentley and wears diamond rings so large they have given her blisters.

Her enormous house, part of a gated golf community, is worth £3 million and neighbours include sportsmen Ernie Els and Michael Jordan.

Musk is a firm believer in his own genius — and has an £11 billion fortune to back up his self-belief. Amber just seems like an interesting person to meet.’ They started dating last summer.

He founded the company which became Pay Pal, owns the company which makes Tesla electric cars, and is a pioneer of space flights who wants to colonise Mars. The pair are head over heels – and went ziplining together in Australia, where she is filming, over the weekend.

Revenge Of The Nerds legend Bernie Casey has died at the age of 78.

The actor and former NFL star passed away on Wednesday after a short illness.

He had a record-breaking track and field career specialising in the in the high-hurdles for Bowling Green State University, earning All-America recognition and a trip to the finals at the 1960 United States Olympic Trials.