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Dating site eine liebe

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Ich kann nur noch an Dich denken, an unsere gemeinsame Zeit, wie schön sie war. Du siehst mich an, doch du schaust durch mich hindurch. Denn ich kann gar nicht beschreiben, wie ich das alles vermisse.

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I felt so loved by you You gave me everything that I asked you to.I loved the way we got competitive, when we played those computer games, I loved how we spent all year together, and you never not once changed.Yes, sometimes you had your moods, but they never lasted long, I always cheered you up, because we always got along.Ich hoffe es bleibt nicht beim ersten Mal und unsere Liebe bleibt erfüllt von diesem entflammten Feuer!?!I love you more than you could know from the top of your head to the nail on your toe. Du küsst mich, doch deine Lippen berühren mich nicht. Ich möchte Dich noch einmal sehen, Dich noch einmal in meinen Armen halten, Dich noch einmal küssen.

Ich sehe dich rennen, doch du bist schon lange stehen geblieben.

It matters not to me that you haven't much money I'm sure that one day you'll get some, my honey.

Until that day I'll patiently wait You'll need about a hundred for our very first date.

As soon as you get it, please give me a call Oh, make it twenty - you're so handsome and tall.

When I fell in love with you, it made a wreck of me. My pulse beats like a kettle drum and keeps me up at night.

Love me tomorrow Love me tomorrow for it is a new day Love me again like you did the first day Love me always for my heart beats for yours Kiss me sweetly and gently upon tomorrow morning Hold me tightly for I'm afraid to fall Don't forget your promises for I had too many broken Hold my hand to guide the way Hold my heart to keep it safe Tell me tomorrow that today wasn't a dream Tell me sweet nothings as I begin to sleep And Ill always remind you that I am yours alone Truly and forever until were reborn Then I will find you once again To tell you I love you all over again I loved the way you stared at me, looking deep into my eyes.