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Spa Treatments Spa treatments are offered by most hotels and resorts.

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The trip takes nearly three hours and tickets cost 240 CZK.It is easy to get a little homesick while travelling on a day that means a lot to you, but nothing to the people of the country that you’re visiting.That is why American tourists will love Mariánské Lázně’s Fourth of July celebration. Even if you aren’t American and have no connection to the Fourth of July, the spectacle and excitement of the day will leave you cheering and waving your flag just as hard as everyone else.Some eight miles (twelve kilometres) eastwards, Václav Skalník crafted the landscape gardens and, in just a number of decades, this remote area in Bohemia’s forest was a wonderful mix of pavilions and parks, gathered round forty therapeutic springs.The renown German author, Goethe, was a famous early tourist in the 1820’s.Here, as well, you will discover an extremely small museum (called Dion E Chopin) inspired by another renown tourist, Fredéric Chopin (the Polish composer, who lived from 1810 to 1849).

He visited in 1836 to chase the young lady who became his fiancée.

Those Roman-style baths, saunas and spa pools are worth a visit even for walk-in visitors. Unfortunately it is not very helpful; there are no free maps and not much in the way of useful advice either.

Still, it can be a good place to stop for basic questions and to buy tickets for local events. For information and tips about what’s going on, visit

The golf course in Mariánské Lázně has been able to boast the right to use the title Royal Golf Club since 2003 on the basis of decision by the British Queen Elizabeth II.

So rent some clubs, grab a beer, and hit the green!

The mixture is superior to the individual parts of all the Czech spas and this is possibly the most alluring and harmonious.