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Dating seeing each other once a week

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It's gotten to the point where we speak once a week and see each other maybe once every two weeks.I really like this guy, and was obviously getting frustrated that whatever was going on between us wasn't going anywhere.

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I wasn't any less present with her than when I was in the beginning. But once the date was over, I went back to my life. But it's likely that he JUST wants a Wednesday girl.My point being, it seems like this guy could be doing the same thing (as in, he gets nervous when he sees you). You could not have come to a better place to unpack this little conundrum. But before I tell you why, let me begin with a story.Or, he might not care to invest much in this could-be relationship. If he really likes you, he won't be willing to let you go. By giving me an ultimatum, it made me man-up and do what I was afraid to do: Risk rejection and take her out. If he doesn't come crawling back, then you have your answer. In April, I went out with a beautiful woman I'd been texting for maybe a month.If he's a careerist, he probably sees commitment as an impediment to his professional aspirations. "How dare anyone I've fucked not consider me the most important thing in their entire lives??But he still enjoys dates, women and unwinding when he can. "In the same vein, saying "you're letting him have what he wants," or "if he won't commit, he doesn't deserve you," is immature, self-serving bullshit.I texted him saying, "I like you, but it doesn't seem like you have time for me." I fully expected him to write back agreeing, and then things would be over. Instead, he wrote back saying that he wanted to see me again and made plans right away.

When we hung out, we talked about the text I sent him and he told me he was sorry and that he was just out of town and didn't even realize how much time had gone by.

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He told me not to “try to get rid of him again” and “not to worry."I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, and I hoped he realized that he should really put more time and effort into getting to know me and spending time together if he wanted this to go somewhere.

But a few weeks have gone by and nothing has changed.

I want to say he was more assertive in the beginning, but if he's lost interest, why did he tell me to not try to get rid of him again?