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After Kaylie and Carter have their fight Lauren sleeps with Carter, losing her virginity.On their only day off, the girls are ordered back into the gym only to be called out by their new coach, Sasha, for going to the keg party the night before.

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But what starts as a fun idea ends up causing trouble for everyone.Make It or Break It is an American television drama series which premiered on June 22, 2009 on ABC Family.Set in the world of elite gymnastics, the series follows a group of teen Olympic hopefuls as they train and prepare for their day in the spotlight.Meanwhile, Payson's Dad, Mark, reveals he lost his job and the family now has some hard decisions to make.Also, Lauren's obsession with Carter reaches new levels.Payson blames the girls for getting her into this mess; Emily needs to get to her job, but is stuck with girls who don’t even like her; a very hung-over Kaylie is distraught that she hasn’t heard back from Carter after their fight; and Lauren is agonizing over her one-night stand.

But at the end all the girls make up and are great friends (even Emily!

Enter fellow Rock gymnast, Nicky, who offers a simple solution that forces Payson to lie to her mother to cover it up.

Carter finally confesses to Kaylie that he cheated, causing her to run away the night before Nationals.

The exit of Coach Marty, one of "The Rock's" top guns, Lauren, and their 4th place through 7th place girls causes chaos at the gym, prompting Payson, Kaylie, and Emily (with Becca in tow) to head for Denver with a plan to confront them about their defection.

Tensions are still high at The Rock as the girls continue on without direction and with the surprise return of Lauren, Steve and a possible new heavyweight coach.

Kaylie decides to tell Carter that she is ready to take the next step in their relationship.