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Dating rolls razors

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A very nice 'traveler' $75 Pictures: beefy blade: 3/4 " wide. "Cracked Ice" scales with " SOLINGEN" inlaid in silver in one of the scales. Slight freckling to both sides due to some very light rust, it can be polished out. I could find no references to their production of razors and but two references to Wyeth Razors being auctioned. someone has done some filing on the reverse scale, but the black will easily be removed. round end to blade, slight freckling to the blade, needs honing. Unusual blade with a heavy spine (frameback) and a very delicate hollow ground blade. $75 Pictures: , Joseph Allen & Sons, Sheffield England. The two give-away signs that this is very old is lack of gimps and a lead wedge. White celluloid scales with floral design on both ends. The blade needs a good honing and stropping to bring back the edge needed for a good shave. I couldn't find the manufacturer but his work is impressive. Look at the monkey's tail, the lead spacer, and notice the distinct shape. Round end, a few small rust spots on the blade, the edge needs honing and stropping, gimps on the bottom of the shank. The blade is 5/8" wide but there is some discoloration and some damage to the point of the cutting edge. It has two compartments that can hold and protect two straight edge razors. Not only is the leather flexible while the stropping is done, but the wood slats are flexible as well. The leather shows wear and a few places where the razor nicked the edge. Olean, NY USA Leather hone with a red felt cushion. Nice stone, but it needs dressing with a coarse stone to remove the small nicks if you want a perfectly flat side.

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square end to blade but it could use some work on the hone and strop. Most of the color between the bamboo segments is still there. There are some initials scratched into the surface of the bone but not ledge able. Round end to blade, no gimps on the top nor bottom of the Shank. The reverse side of the blade needs a little polish: there are several faint spots from water or something (it would not take very much to get rid of them) The edge has no nicks nor damage but does need a good honing. the price on the box is $3.50, a high price in those days. With some love and attention, this razor could be a wonderful shaver as well as an outstanding display piece. the reverse says that the blade was made in Germany but has the logo of the Loeffler Co. : 2.7/8" long and 1/2" wide, plastic scales, double pinned, Number 14 stamped into the shank. No damage to the shaving edge, but it needs a good honing.I made the switch from shaving with an electric razor to wet shaving about a year and a half ago.I did so because I was bored with shaving and sick of all the racket.Instead of a rounded back, the blade has three sides. The reverse side of the shank has a pair of Nez Pierce glasses with the word 'warranted' below. $140 Pictures: (Twin Man Henckels) made for Davis and Weimescary Co.

Nez Pierce glasses were held in place by a single piece of spring metal that would act as a clamp to pinch down on the bridge of the nose. Original box with what appears to be Moroccan leather. A session with the hone and strop would give the shave ready edge. The obverse scale looks like it has a crack through the pin, but it a discoloration, but the reverse scale has a hairline crack that has not opened. The wedge in the end of the scales is the very early lead.

This is not one of the cheap mass produced pieces from Russia in the last fifteen years. The original cost of this razor is in ink on the back of the box: $34.85 The only wear on the razor is the small piece of label that is missing on the front. 'Blue Steel', razor model #276, Do not confuse this razor with the product of Sears and Roebuck! Overall length closed is 5.75" a bit shorter than usual. The edge is in need of honing and stropping but I think that this one will hold a very nice edge and the price is right. Massive blade that is 9/16" wide and is only slightly hollow ground! The most distinctive part to this razor would be the BLUE scales, both sides with a woman's head and a nice floral design cast into the surface. Made of Manganese steel, square end to blade, no nicks but a stroke or two and a session on the strop would bring back the Shave Ready edge. Years ago, I got to know a barber who had retired in the late 50's.

The paint has 'crazing' and the cloth backing has stained from years in a damp climate. Sorry, but the silver crown over the head is missing. Excellent condition and a prize for any collection of vintage razors. Heavy steel box 3.75" wide, 1.66" deep and 3/4" thick, dark green. some very small nicks in the edge, but a good strop and patience will take care of them. Most of the teal green coloring to the pattern is still bright. The blade is 11/16" wide and is clear of rust or discoloration, but there is a small nick about 3/8" from the heel of the cutting edge. One of the nice things about this razor is that the original box in very good condition is present. Needs stropping but other than that it is excellent. Made in Solingen, named to an American firm and registered with the U. After he had mastered the strokes with this one, he was allowed to use the real thing. Manchester, 3/4" wide blade, gimps on the top and bottom of the shank, heavier black scales with a beveled edge, double pinned short and wide monkey's tail. Saunders, Each of the four sides of the strop had a different function and was doubtless easier to carry in a valise so that your clothing was not stained by the rouge on one side of the strop.

The Scales are made of bone, and is very resilient to breaking. The blade is 13/16" wide with a square end and nice humps, gimps on both the top and bottom of the Shank. The mirror finish to the blade has but one small dark spot that can be cleaned up easily. The scales are beautiful Art Deco on the obverse and reverse with a stippled background. Holler made blades for Germany in WWI and WWII and some of the most collectible swords for collectors of Third Reich swords. I could not find any Larkin in any of my razor lists. There are small nicks in the blade's edge, but with a little patience, you can shave with one of the finest razors ever made. French ivory with silver bands on either end with the Twin Man logo on one end. $100 Pictures: , ( Real Damascus steel) FRAME BACK: The shank is brass and has a slot milled into it to accommodate the blade. The blade has no rust, but is slightly discolored, the edge needs honing, square end. Nice light razor with the Logo of the 'B', the 'Arrow' and the Maltese Cross stamped into the shank. 9/16" wide blade with some water marks that can barely be felt with the fingernail. The box is original stiff cardboard with expected wear.

It is in need of a bit of work on a hone and some stropping. 11/16" wide blade, black plastic scales with a white plastic wedge. Nice piece but has some marks on the blade and is in need of a session on a hone and strop. A small screw in the end of the brass holds the blade to secure it in place but it is loose. The diamond shaped logo on the shank reads: Registered 10 Sept (on the top) IXL (in the middle) 1850 No 243 (on the bottom) The scales are buffalo horn with the following inscription pressed in and filled with gold at one time: "The doubly carbonized IXL Razor is warranted to be the cleanest shaving razor, to possess the most durable edge, & that every razor is equally good" The brass has been abused in trying to seat the blade in a solid manner but that can be forgiven. I bought it from a walk-in at a gun show in Helena, Montana in 1969. The name has nothing to do with the name of the company, just use your imagination... Great special order blade with all the extras: Barber's notch, double sided matching scales. You have the pleasure of removing the original soap in the grooves on the scales. A good value at $80 Pictures: (there is a hallmark of a star over a stylized group of letters) Etching to Hollow ground blade: Extra Hollow Ground over FULLY WARRANTED.

$90 Pictures; small barber's notch, black cellulose scales. The blade has a square end and a beautiful pattern ground into the back with a fist clutching lightning bolts with LEE'S on the left and LIGHTNING on the right. Square end, Gimps on the lower edge of the shank in a deeply curved notch for the index finger. The white celluloid is a fine art Nuvo pattern that is found on both scales. If you have looked at many antique razors, you know how seldom you will see a razor with matching scales. 9/16" wide, mild humped shank, has a Barber's Notch, some surface damage from rust but the camera brings out the flaws to a greater extent than they truly are. Unusual scales that are multi-colored in a marble like pattern.