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Dating religious women

You will either need to find Jesus, and commit yourself totally to him - or you won't be able to date her.I would think that converting to born-again status just to date a particular woman represents fraud, in a sense - so I would advise against it.

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For people like Jeff who are seeking romance and marriage on the web, a potential mate’s religious profile is the most important of all.Let me just say that what I'm calling a "real" Christian woman needs is a "real" Christian man ...and if you are not an extreme Christian, and you are trying to date a "real" Christian woman, then good luck.I'm just not really what is called a "practicing Catholic" ... By default, I respected them a lot more than an ordinary non-religious woman.perhaps because I had too much practice growing up? I thought they were perhaps a little bit better than me ... The reason I thought this way was that I had never really dated or been with a religious woman - so my predispositions were based on perception and hearsay."It's about a baseline of comfort," explained one gay Jewish man who used J-Date in his search for a partner.

"It helped me to reflect on what I wanted my life to really be about, who I wanted to be with and how to raise any future children." Of course, there are many dating sites that are not primarily religious but allow customers to indicate religious preference –- or the preference of no religion at all.

Rob met his wife on J-date, but, as he explains, when he met her he was in for a surprise: “She described herself in her bio as 'not really Jewish' and I thought she was just like me -- a guy who like's Jewish things, bagels, Woody Allen movies, etc.

My jaw dropped on the first date when she told me she was Catholic.

Ok Cupid is popular among younger adults, but according to one report most people on the site identify as agnostic or atheist, which turned off one customer.

“I qualify as ‘spiritual but not religious,'" explained Jen, "but there seems to be a void for that kind of thing." Other people find that religious websites are too narrow, even within their own tradition.

The answer seems to be as basic as "like seeks like," and the conviction that an essential element of a successful romance is a similar worldview, cultural references and life plan.