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Dating rehab

Kim and Marshall first began dating in 1989 and welcomed their only child together on Christmas Day in 1995.

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When asked on social media who the most influential people in her life are, Hailie replied:"My mother and father are because they have pushed me to be the person I am and have given me all the support to achieve what I have." That says it all, doesn't it?Then there's Marshall's highly volatile on-again, off-again relationship with Kim Scott.Lest we forget about the 2000 song named after his ex—where he prolifically describes killing her after a fight.) and so, naturally, it's time for us to reach for our faithful LBD.Except, this time, we're giving our LBD a chic makeover, a la Lydia Bright.Not only has be won 15 Grammy Awards, an Academy Award for 's "Lose Yourself," been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for using the most words in a single song for 2015's "Rap God," and much, much more, he's also been able to keep the public eye relatively away from his day-to-day life.

Despite an impressive 11 million Instagram followers, the rapper posts solely about his career, and never really gets too personal.

The Grammy-winner has included countless disses towards his mom, Debbie Mathers, on his albums, so much so that she filed a $10 million dollar slander lawsuit against her own son back in 1999.

Two years later, the two settled for a mere $25,000 and have been estranged ever since.

According to Forbes, the rapper is worth around $240 million, putting him in the top tier of wealthy rappers with the likes of Usher, Russell Simmons and 50 Cent.

(Sure, Jay-Z, Sean "Diddy" Combs and Dre are higher up on the charts...)Successful endorsements, a booming record label and popular worldwide tours have all contributed to his serious cash flow, despite the fact that he hasn't released a new album since 2013.

While little is known about what lead the two to split for a second time, it's presumed that Em's drug abuse may have been one of the factors. Dre protégé was hospitalized after a methadone overdose. My bottom was gonna be death."But, Em says, that his responsibilities as a father are what ultimately motivated him to become sober."I'm looking at my kids and [realizing] ‘I need to be here for this.'"It was then that he put himself through a self-imposed detox program with the help of none other than Elton John.