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Dating old photographs robert pols

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A keen researcher of cameras and images, Ron was the founder member of the Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain in 1977.Ron currently spends all of his retirement time managing the Victorian Image Collection and researching into Victorian cartes de visite and cabinet cards.

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These four children appear on a Cabinet Print from the American Studio which operated from 107a Bold Street Liverpool.The young boy has been dressed as a soldier no doubt a reflection of the Boer War which took place between 18.This is the last photo I have of this group of children taken by Herbert Frear of Clapham Road, London around 1900.If you look at her left foot you can see she has clearly moved !!This photo has no studio attributes but based simply on the clothes worn by the children, particularly the boy, I would estimate this to have been taken around 1900.Note how the photgrapher has them all in descending order of height!

I'm still working on who Jack & Gwenne are, however I can say that this photo on a post card is dated between 19.

I'm still trying to work out approximately when they were taken but have included a rough estimate for each based on what clues I currently have.

Many of the photographs were contained in a Victorian family album.

Before the age of photography, around 1839, look for engravings and illustrations.

The first successful photographic process was the daguerreotype, developed by Louis Daguerre in 1840 which was in use from around 1841 to the early 1860s.

The Gores Trade Directory for Liverpool lists an American Studio opeating in Liverpool around 1898.