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is constantly hearing about the trials and tribulations of trying to find love from viewers and friends. Should I take this as a sign or should I keep fighting to get him back? Since you know him, this can be more than a phone conversation – this could be an in-person conversation.

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But if you use the method above, the probability of picking the best of the bunch increases significantly, to 37 percent — not a sure bet, but much better than random.To apply this to real life, you’d have to know how many suitors you could potentially have or want to have — which is impossible to know for sure.You'd also have to decide who qualifies as a potential suitor, and who is just a fling. You’ve got to watch social media, because social media is the breeding ground for liars. Don’t date too young, because they might expect some things from you. T-shirt, leggings, Uggs — but just the way you rock it. Committing to a partner is scary for all kinds of reasons.People who like other people in an attractive way, you can’t hold that in.

He said he’s confused and wants to think things over, but is now acting distant and I know he’s going on dates. You haven’t said anything to me that indicates that your long-term goals are now in alignment with his So, you can’t have him back just to have him back, because otherwise you’ll be getting into the same rut you were in — that you don’t have long-term goals in common, which are deal-breakers.

Wait too long to commit, and all the good ones might be gone.

You don’t want to marry the first person you meet, but you also don’t want to wait too long.

I need to know how long you’ve been friends with him. Oh yes, I’ve done the romantic trips with the hotel-room-décor sexiness.

I’ll tell you this right now — chances are, he’s not into you, even if you’ve been friends with him for a month.

How do I even ask — should I even ask him if there’s something here and if he wants to take this long distance? Long-distance relationships are such a dicey thing. It’s very expensive, and once you leave to visit him, you might never be able to come back, if you know what I’m saying (and I think you do). How would you handle a man who stonewalls you and gives you the silent treatment? I always say to single people: Date a lot, date often, date outside of your type, date outside of your race. I feel like every day is supposed to be Valentine’s Day, in its own weird way. When he sneezes, you say, Why don’t you watch sports with him on Valentine’s Day?