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Dating hypnosis skills

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I just wish I could find someone like you to keep me company at night.

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Dear Therapist Judy, Ok this is what I am looking for in my phone call with Therapist Estrella, Dear Therapist Estrella, You remind me so very much of my wife/Mistress.She also use to shave her pussy and from what i can see had a pussy very much like yours.Before it was just pure entertainment but soon after that first few phonesex calls you just can get enough of it that if you don’t call us phonesex girls you start having withdraws and start to do things that you would regret later, so you have to call us to release that tension, your phonesex addiction. I as a Phonesex Therapist, I to have an addiction to Phonesex and with every call whether I am submissive or dominant, I have to play with myself while talking to the other person on the line hoping them to are getting off with me., I was browsing the web when I came across your site and I just have to say you are soooooo beautiful.Believe me, I know, I spent years licking and sucking her pussy. She had a small body like yours and black hair too,tho she was Irish. She came out to the shop fully dressed in a very nice midi dress.

I did have a sex addiction to licking and sucking her pussy. (google it…some nice photo’s woman sitting in chair and the man/slaves face strapped under her ass) (tho I disagree with the authors concept of facesitting….should have a hard cock all the time he pleasures his mistress) My wife/mistress were married so this was financial domination………but close to it. She just straddled my head when I came out from under the car and told me she needed a good licking before she went shopping.

Could you make me feel more pathetic to serve you Angel?

, First off it’s Princess Angel to you show Me that respect.

I am basically looking for a “Special Mommy” figure to help me with my fetish. Not the kind that just wants sex with their Mommy, a real Mommy that can diaper me whenever I wet or dirty up my diapers and then play with me with nurturing playtime.

Yes I will get turned on with you talking baby talk to me and treat me like a true “Adult Baby”. , I am so glad you looked me up and I can feel you must have read my profile seeing that I deal with Mommy fantasies and Adult Babies. In fact I love the ones that just need a Mommy figure to comfort them and love them and nurture them to feel like a baby again.

If you are ready to set up a day and time to start your hypnotic experience with me give me a call and I will be honored to assist you my love.