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Dating honda 55 scooter

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Specially ordered by client but not used due hospitalisation and stored since. VESPA ITALIAN VBB 125/150 (1960) 1960 vespa 150 registered as 125cc. 75cc I bought this scooter as a basket case 6 years ago. Since then I have completely rebuilt her, registered her, and enjoyed .....

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This tyre is over 10 years old now but is still very popular – Bridgstone say it’s still one of their best selling. Metzeler Roadtec Z-6Sizes: Front – 120/60, 110/70, 120/70, 110/80x19, 110/80x18, 120/70x18 Rear – 190/50, 180/55, 160/60, 160/60x18, 170/60, 150/70, 160/70Price: From £84.49 at major benefit of the Z-6 is that you can get fitment sizes for adventure machines with a specific contour design claimed to give better mileage. Dunlop D207Sizes: Front – 110/70, 120/60, 120/70 Rear – 150/60, 160/60, 180/55, 190/50Price: From £62.99 at D207 was updated last year with claimed improvements to wet grip and tread life.Tiller models feature a new 4-lamp warning system built into the tiller handle, while remote control models deliver alerts via messages through Honda’s multi-function digital gauges or a special indicator built into the unit’s control box.The ergonomically designed tiller handle is longer for improved handling.solid in all right places best to view to get a full picture of vespa some .....BSA/SUNBEAM SCOOTER 1959 250cc Twin BSA/SUNBEAM SCOOTER 1959 250cc Twin .Honda's exclusive crankshaft design locates the powerhead directly over the transom pivot point. It reduces vibration and improves performance and handling. Traditional motor designs use a fixed air-fuel mixture that does ok at low and high speeds, but not in the mid-range.

Honda added an Oxygen Sensor, which monitors the air/fuel ratio and automatically adjusts it as needed.

Initials and abbreviations aside, this is claimed to raise stability. Avon Viper Storm STSizes: Front - 110/70, 120/60, 120/70, 130/70, 110/80 Rear – 150/70, 160/60, 160/70, 170/60, 180/55, 190/50, 200/50Price: From £70.99 at tyre’s contact patch changes size and shape depending on lean angle, and the compound is described as ‘Super-Rich Silica’ which gives better wet performance.

The tread patter has been redesigned to shift water faster, too. Dunlop Roadsmart Sizes: Front – 110/70, 120/60, 120/70, 110/80x18, 120/70x18, 110/80x19 Rear – 150/70, 160/60, 170/60, 180/55, 190/50, 160/60x18Price: From £89.99 at triple-compound technology is this touring tyre, featuring two types of silica and Polybutadiene – this combination is claimed to increase tread life considerable.

Peugeot Satelis 500 Premium (2009) Peugeot Satelis 500 Premium Scooter First registered 2009 exceptionally low mileage only 7,227 ,warranted ,only one previous owner from new with all paperwork ,and service history ,documents Mot .....

piaggio vespa 50 special restored blue spares (1981) a vespa 50 special restorted by a scooter dealer in london back in 2014 uprated rebuilt engine rebuilt by scooter dealer .

increases fuel efficiency by allowing combustion to operate on a leaner air/fuel mixture.