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Dating game social networks

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It’s often somewhere between flirtation and pure friendship.Alper suspects the popularity of Global Mode is due to it mimicking real life more than location-based matching does: “When people want to meet someone in real life, they’ll go to a bar. You go with your friends, whatever." And conversations happen more naturally.

The game is pretty simple: You ask other characters questions in a series of categories such as "Political Correctness" and "Dating 101," and they ask you questions in return.(MTV characters can only be bought with cash — which costs money — however.) The game also has a more concrete component; if your friends (and love interests) choose to play, you can date them virtually as well.This is kind of a cool idea, in that it's a low-stress way to gauge someone's interest, but it also seems like a reeeeally roundabout way to ask someone out.By interacting with characters in the virtual realm, Burrell told us, people can both relate to them and walk in their shoes.Social games — especially branded social games — have proven to be extremely popular of late.Are dating apps even for love anymore, or are we just messing around on them the same way we do on Snapchat and Instagram?

The answer is complicated — just like the relationships that often spring from these apps.

If you like what the other person says and they like what you say, you're a match! You know, with less lying, sweating and pre-gaming.) Matches can then take a photo together and go from there to other games/dates.

You can share photos and updates on your Facebook Wall as you go along as well.

If you remove the weight of trying to find your soulmate or a hookup, dating apps are a lot more fun.

They essentially become social networks — except they're set up for meeting new people.

— crossed with a game show and laced with promotional tie-ins to MTV reality shows.