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Dating during recovery

The main reason why you should at first avoid relationships in recovery can be summed up in one word: vulnerability.

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A relationship also puts you in greater danger of relapse because it causes you to put focus, time, and attention on another person.In early recovery, your focus should be entirely on yourself and your sobriety.It requires all of your dedication to build a healthy lifestyle and to build up your self-confidence.So now that you are trying to stay sober, you’ve been hearing that you are better off single. Your recovery period is an important time of becoming well and being sure you are still even wanting to get married anytime soon.Nobody needs to tell you what to do with your love life. Why Are You Dating During Addiction And Recovery First, I want to ask you a deceptively simple question. If sobriety has made you uncertain that you are ready for such a commitment, it’s best to figure it out now.You need to determine if that relationship is worth saving, and if it is, you and your partner need to move slowly and work on repairing yourselves before you try to repair the relationship.

Your partner may have their own issues to deal with, such as codependency.

Anyone who has your best interests at heart will want you to focus on your recovery and won’t pressure you to start a relationship before you’re ready.

If you are already in a relationship at the time you get sober, things can be a little trickier.

By the same token, if your relationship has become more certain and stable from your addiction recovery journey, you might feel more ready than ever before.

It is really hard to know until you ask yourself this question directly and honestly.

Dating Can Be A Real Distraction For Addiction Recovery Remember the first time you really really liked a guy?