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It continues to be made until the customer speaks to the bank or the standing order contract runs out.A company gets regular payments, with the receiver known as the ‘mandate holder’.

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Lucinda, 39, a secondary school teacher, says: ‘I emailed to cancel the contract because there was no phone number on the website.It must tell a customer’s bank and apply for payments when due. Under the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme, a provider must inform customers of changes.These are set up on credit or debit cards and give permission for money to regularly be taken off cards by the service provider.Some examples of sites for specific target groups are: websites for dating for the highly intelligent, websites for senior dating and websites for 50 dating.Dating sites for adultery Some people are already married, but cannot satisfy all their needs within their married life.Companies claim the set-up enables payments to be handled hassle-free.

But what providers fail to mention is that unless you order the bank to block payments, money could be syphoned out of your account for ever.

I then had to order the bank to put a stop to future payments but the dating website has kept the cash.’This is a regular fixed payment from a current account set up by the customer with their bank.

A fixed amount is then regularly withdrawn and sent to the service provider.

Often used for subscriptions, magazines and gym memberships, they do not offer the same customer guarantees as direct debits.

If you’re not sure how you’re paying, contact your bank, which should know.

) who want to have some fun/sparkle in their lives.’‘The only issue that this court has to decide is whether your behaviour is such as it has been over a period now of many years that you should be considered to be dangerous, and liable to be sentenced to a term of imprisonment for public protection.’ His father Brian senior, who separated from Witty’s mother Yvonne, said: ‘I don’t know where it all went wrong with Brian.